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Radical Influence
September 17, 2017

A few Sundays ago we began a God honored series concerning living our lives with an impact. 

Circle of Influences
Living Life Changing Realities 

Jesus has made us New!!! The Influence of the New!!!

Luke 14:23
“Then the master told his servant,
‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and
compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. 

Close Influence – The reality of family and friends…
Extended Influence
– The mission field of the world…Acts 1:8
Radical Influence –
Essential Influence…
Added Influence

Let me state that when Dustin announced His message last Sunday, by the way great job Pastor, the Holy Spirit assured me how necessary “Radical Influence” is for this world we live in.  

“Radical Influence” is crucial for the coming wave of God’s Glory being shed on those who are coming to Christ.

A few Biblical standouts of life sized proportion are; (12 Disciples)

  • John The Baptist – Matt. 3
  • Paul – Acts 7
  • Stephen – Acts 7

Paul and Stephen being essentially used and forever recalled in life. Who, at that time, would have seen the “Radical Influence?”

Moses, Isaiah, King David and more… Later in History Martin Luther, Hudson Taylor, George Muller, Billy Graham, David Wilkerson and this is only a tiny portion of Biblical and later in history list of “Radical Influencers”.   

Two things about Radical influence;

  • It is difficult to choose. (Void of Pride and Ego, no monument builders allowed)
  • It unwittingly chooses those who are devoted to a Holy Spirit led walk. (The time and place is sudden and often unbelievable)

 1 Cor. 1:27-30 “God has chosen what the world calls foolish to shame the wise. He has chosen what the world calls weak to shame what is strong. 28 God has chosen what is weak and foolish of the world, what is hated and not known, to destroy the things the world trusts in. 29 In that way, no man can be proud as he stands before God. 30 God Himself made the way so you can have new life through Christ Jesus. God gave us Christ to be our wisdom. Christ made us right with God and set us apart for God and made us holy.”

David Platt in his book Radical directs modern Christianity to actually live in such a way as to allow God to be Glorified.

“We must intentionally begin at the end of ourselves”.

Radical is, “not leaning on our own understanding…”

Eph. 3:2 Paul implies that what he had gone through was actually for the benefit of others. He experienced grace to help all.

Joseph has again become a hero and teacher to me. Gen. 50:20 has a new understanding to me. God was in the meanness of his brothers, which is how we teach it. As Joseph looked at his brothers he was able to learn not see their actions but God’s work in his life through their wrongs toward him. He then became the saving work of God for his family and nation. His Life’s Influence was essential for others.

Remember the Devil uses difficult situations to divide. God uses difficult situations to unite. Also remember people unite people and people divide people.  

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds… James 1:2. Can we please see the application over the glossing over of quoting scripture just to quote it? Applying this in its full meaning will  Influence – The Effect on character, development, Behavior and bring many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.



On Sunday, September 17, 2017, Leonard Dumire said
They (we) want control. Control causes us to stifle radical....the things that are essential.

We want comfort more than influence.

Help me Jesus to care more than relax.


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