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February 25, 2018

Repentance is an undeniable indispensable action for Spiritual life to come into a life and remain in a life.  It may sound crazy, but today’s Believing body have made “Repentance” something the world needs; while denying personal need in the Believing Body. Yes this world needs to repent and know Christ.  Repentance, however, has to be an elaborate part of every Believer’s daily walk.  James 4:17 how often do we know to do good and not do it.  Ps. 51:17 reminds us to come to God with a broken and repentant heart. Preparing the mind and heart is accomplished when they are continually renewed and softened. Heb. 3:7-8 Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says, “Oh, that today you would listen as He speaks! “Do not harden your hearts…  There is unhealthy heart hardening anger!!

Honesty compels me to reveal a personal problem to you today.  My need to repent of “Paroxysm”. You might say I’m preaching a message for person need in my life.  At the end of this message I’m spending time “Repenting”, I hope many will join me.

Spiritual Paroxysm has been
given priority over Repentance 

This newly coined statement, “Spiritual Paroxysm” is throwing a prayerful fit to make oneself have feelings of accomplishment due to the inactivity of others. Moses threw a fit and God was not pleased. (Numbers 20) 

Believe it or not you can now take tantrum yoga classes. Psychologist have consistently taught that venting anger is healthy.  Hey even infants will convey that tantrums are very natural even necessary to get attention.  Let’s be honest there is far more unhealthy anger around us than the need meeting energy that the verse in Eph. 4:26 “Be ye angry, and sin not… is referring to.

Anger and Sin Not

Temper tantrum – This seems about as energetic as it gets for American Christianity. A Christian Nation was once an excuse more than it was a statement of fact. Christians have thrown fits, made public displays, marched on Washington, carried banners of protests and angrily voiced discontent in the media. All the while letting hearts that should produce action to harden through unhealthy anger.

Has paroxysm taken the place of action?  This uncontrollable convulsion has been taught and made to look highly spiritual. It is as the problems of the world are a particle of dust lodging in the mouth of the Believer. Then sucked into the throat and lungs causing a type of prayer sounding coughing and sneezing. Now this prayerfully sounding explosion is all the attention needed to make the tantrum affect those seeking more.  Those in company of angry prayer believe enough has taken place to change the situation. Noise has been made now we go back to the same activity as before.      

Prayer tantrums are not effective in bringing down strongholds.

  • A Temper tantrum, or childish fit, is nothing more than an attempt to draw attention to self. This is a step under immaturity.
  • A temper tantrum is an “I didn’t get my way now you pay” outburst. It somehow makes the participant feel like they have accomplished something. You deserve my rage!! Really?

A Tantrum prayer will not move the Hand of God, The Heart of God or bring a Move of God. Like any childish tantrum it will bring a chastisement from the Parent. 

Anger needs to be an energy to action not an outburst to make one feel I’ve done my part now it’s your turn.

We should be angry that;

  • In the Permian basin 2,000 children each week get their primary meals from what the school lunch provides
  • That 30,000 children in the state of Texas are getting their primary care from Government programs and not The Church.
  • It should make us angry that two days ago my granddaughter’s 7th grade class mate committed suicide.  She did so because her and her sister decided that that their family was so chaotic and loveless they could find no reason to go on.
  • It should make us angry that the majority of our own city and region have very little if any true understanding that God loves them.

It should make us angry enough to repent of the notion that there isn’t anything I can do to change what’s wrong.   In these and other situations attention is being brought us for to do action. You see I’ve been throwing fits because of lack of resources and support.  God didn’t call me to wait on things to line up comfortably then do _________... (you fill in the blank) Today I repent and take a new step in my God called journey.  

Yes there need to be anger over wrongs that does no more harm. That brings us to it to do it. There are enough to do-s to keep us busy.

Angry enough……..

Angry enough to repent and succeed.

Angry enough to stop blaming others.

Angry enough to bring joy instead of pain.

Angry enough to do the

first works again without complaint. 


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